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Have you mastered dribbling, passing, and chest blocking?If you know football basics but want to step up your game, you won’t want to miss these tips.


With practice, you can master more complex and advanced moves to put you ahead of your competition.


In fact, here are 3 little-known drills to dramatically improve your game:


Drill 1: Head Blocks


football training drillsThe most basic way to block the ball in football is to use your chest. However, if you are looking to step up your game when the ball is too high to block with your chest, the head block is a great move to add to your repertoire.

Whereas the chest block ideally drops the stopped ball at your feet, a head block is a little more complex in that it will also send the ball off on another trajectory.

For a proper head block, draw your head back slightly. Then, move your head forward to meet the ball so that it makes contact on the broad part of your forehead between your eyes. Proper contact placement is essential for ball control and to avoid injury to your nose.


Drill 2: The Heel Kick


football training drillsQuite often, you will need to pass the ball when no one is open in front of you. In this case, the heel kick is an option available to pass to a team mate who is behind you.

This is a more advanced passing technique than a simple pass with the instep of your foot. To execute the heel kick pass, step over the ball and kick it with the heel of your foot to send it to a player behind you.

This method will take some practice before you are able maintain your balance and get the ball to your intended target.


Drill 3: The Outside Kick


football training drillsAlthough the instep kick is the easiest to control passing technique, sometimes it is simply not an option if it would leave the ball vulnerable to an opponent.

Once you are proficient at the standard passing technique, try the outside kick. Unlike passing with your instep, you will have to first stop your forward momentum.

Then, cross the foot opposite your target over your other leg, and tap the ball with the outside of your foot. If you are kicking to a player on your right, cross your left foot over the right and pass with the outside of your left foot.


Are you looking for more ways to dramatically

improve your football game?


football training drills

football training drills


With football season looming just around the corner it’s never too early to start getting ready. Soccer / Football is an intense game, and it’s going to take a lot of work on your part to make sure that you’re ready to stay ahead of your competition out on that field.


The question is, do you know what it is you have to do to get yourself in fit, fighting form before  season starts?


Or are you just aimlessly jogging around your block a couple of times a day hoping that it will provide your muscles with the conditioning they need to keep up with ninety minutes of fast paced, non-stop action once you hit that turf?


If you are among the latter group there

are two things you should know.


One, that isn’t going to get you anywhere, and two, you’re in good company. Many people do not realize that training for a competitive sport such as soccer requires you to have high levels of endurance and cardiovascular fitness.


Plus the work rate required is much higher than the half hearted effort they make to get in shape every New Year, before eventually deciding to throw in the towel. If you are going to get serious about soccer, you need to get serious about your fitness.


We Can Help Put You On

The Right Path!


Fortunately for you, the process of getting in shape to play soccer is not a well guarded secret. You simply have to know the guidelines that the professionals use to get and keep their bodies fit so that they are ready for anything every time they step off of the sidelines.

There are no magic powders and potions, no special tricks or gimmicks. Anyone can do it, if they are willing to put in a little time and effort.


If you’ve got the time and are determined enough to put forth the effort, we’ve got the knowledge. Many years of playing sports and learning the secrets of athletic success have put us in the unique position of being able to offer an educated viewpoint on what exactly you need to do to ensure that you stay ahead of your competition.

We’ll teach you...


Here are the skills you

need right now:


There basic pieces of knowledge that you need to be both comfortable and familiar with.


Once you have accomplished that and put them into play you will have everything you need to be sure that you are ready the first time you step onto that field and set you up to enjoy a great season.


We’ll teach you the guidelines that the professionals pay personal trainers thousands of dollars a year to hear.


You’ll have access to the basic fitness techniques used by competitive players around the globe, and you’ll learn the truth about all of the propaganda that the media has been selling you, and why it’s never going to work.


Within the pages of this book you’ll be able to:


1) Discover the lifestyle changes that will make a

world of difference in your playing career.


Although you are probably looking forward to your pre-season conditioning regime with approximately the same amount of enthusiasm as you would a root canal (although with slightly more determination to see it through, no matter what the cost) we can show how to make training as simple as possible by tweaking your current habits rather than completely overriding your entire lifestyle.

No fad diets. No obscene protein drinks. Just ordinary activities that the professionals do every day of their lives, available to you for a fraction of the cost.


2) You’ll learn how to do it while

having fun!


Yes, granted, there are millions of fitness programs around the world that claim they’ll be able to help you to get fit and lose weight while enjoying yourself at the same time.


But many of them appear to have no idea that most people’s idea of a good time does not involve inflicting severe pain on themselves while twisting their body into positions it was never meant to go in.


We’ll teach you how to take something you already love (soccer) and get yourself fit while having a great time.


football training drills

Here is what you will learn inside this guide...

You say Soccer, I say Football


The major mistakes that most individuals make when they enter into conditioning


What to eat to ensure that you get maximum results in a minimum amount of time


 Football Training Drills


Basic soccer skills that will help you to keep a leg up on your competition


Cross-training methods that will allow you to work your entire body


How to formulate a workout routine that will allow you to be in top form when you step out onto the field without killing yourself


The importance of mixing up your work-out routine, and how to do it so that neither you nor your body is bored


How to get back into the action after you’ve been injured


Ways to keep your body working in harmony


How to toss a little bit of fun back into your workout routine!


And a lot more!


What would you do to be able to meet all of

your fitness goals in easy steps?


As you know, the professionals pay personal trainers thousands of dollars to get them into shape for the season. We can offer you access to some of their best advice for a fraction of the price.


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football training drills


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 football training drills

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P.S. Have you ever stared at the screen while you were watching a professional game and wondered, “How do they do that?”

It’s no secret, nor is it a product of raw talent. It is the end result of careful conditioning combined with strength of will.

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